Author Feedback

During the review process authors are asked to provide feedback on the reviews. This step is optional. Authors can provide two types of feedback:

Authors will receive the reviews after the Review Quality Week is completed.

This is a period where the Associate Editor of the paper works with the reviewers to fix typical reviewing errors and to make sure each review is as constructive as possible.

At this point the reviewers have not seen each other’s reviews yet and no reviewer discussion has taken place.

The authors get a few days to examine each review and optionally provide feedback that helps clarify technical issues.

For example a reviewer remark may be making a wrong assumption or conclusion. The authors are welcome to explain such issues and help reviewers make a better final assessment.

In addition, authors get the opportunity to provide separate feedback about the review quality.

This feedback should reference directly issues that do not follow the reviewer instructions (look under the Review menu). Those issues should have been fixed during the review quality week but we expect some cases might fall through the cracks. This is one more check to help us improve review quality which can help make the best decisions for a paper.