Deadlines and Timetable

The JDS reviewing process aims to provide the highest quality reviews as timely as possible.

To achieve high quality, several non-typical steps are part of our timeline such as working on improving reviews in terms of how constructive they are and checking them against our reviewing guidelines before releasing them to authors. The authors subsequently get the chance to rebuttal.

To achieve a timely response, the whole editorial board works on a fixed schedule, anticipating paper submissions on specific deadlines and working on every step of the process timeline within specific time windows.

From the moment of submission, authors will receive their first response of high-quality reviews within three months.

Paper Deadlines

The JDS paper deadlines are as follows:

Processing Original Submissions

Assign papers to Senior Editors

1 week

Senior Editor Decisions

2 weeks

Send Reject/Accept to review notifications
Assign papers to Associate Editors

1 week

Assign papers to Reviewers

2 weeks

Reviews Ready

6 weeks

Improve Review Quality

2 weeks

Author Notifications to Inspect Reviews

Author feedback ready

1 week

Reviewer see all reviews and author feedback
Reviewer/Associate Editor discussions

2 weeks

Send final decisions and detailed revisions requests

2 weeks

Processing Revision Submissions

Authors prepare paper revisions

As much time as needed

Authors submit revision

Reviews ready

4 weeks

Reviewers/Associate Editor Discussions

2 weeks

Final Decisions Preparation
Author Notifications

2 weeks

Publishing Papers

Authors Receive Publication Instructions
Website updates for core paper info
(papers coming up)

Immediately after accept notification

Authors Prepare final paper version

1st of any month

Checking and working on possible formatting errors

2 weeks


2 weeks